Thursday, April 21, 2005

Damnable Cable Car

I just want to rant out.

Recently we went to have a few drinks at Cable Car, Eastwood. Thing about this place is that Cable Car has been an establishment for years, with its first store in Makati. I would have thought that given that, things will go smoothly. After all, there is reputation at stake here.

Oh My GAWD. The service just sucks. Waitresses acted like they owned the place, and looked at us derisively when we asked for someone to get our order. The girl (she didn't have a name tag, for shame!) who took our order apparently didn't understand what we ordered because she kept on nodding and gave us a blank look. My companion ordered a absolut kurant tonic (with schweppes to be mixed ---kaya nga mixed drink eh!) but they gave him a so-called kurant tonic (na hindi naman, kasi me kulay yung drink--leche!) AND a bottle of Schweppes. They made us pay for two drinks, even though my friend explicitly explained what he wanted. Talk about a rip-off!

The Sex on the beach i ordered took them 20 mins to prepare, even though there wern't even that many customers. GAWD! We decided to cancel it, but as it turned out, since it was ordered, i can't be cancelled. Geez. After getting the drink (finally!) we hurriedly finished it to get the hell out of there. It was NOT good. I'm not an expert on drinks, but i do know when the drink is a bad one, adn this one lacked the right balance -- too little alcohol, too much mixer. Blech.

When the bill came --- THEY SHORTCHANGED ME! It lacked P5.00 (which is big deal if the service already bad, and you still have to pay the service charge. I had to go to the cashier and ask for my money. She even gave me a look that pretty much screamed she didn't care.

It felt like such a rip-off. Pity those people who work there never understood the meaning of service with a smile.

For people who go by the Eastwood joints, PLEASE, do not make the mistake of going into that establishment, unless you're in for poor service, shortchanging and yes, VERY bad drinks.

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